From the balcony: Whew! It’s hot

We’ve had a few 90+ days here. Stroke belt certainly applies…forget the BBQ sandwiches and fried everything…the heat is enough to do you and your plants in. But I’ve managed to keep them going. Mostly the begonias and succulents are the happiest. The others are seeking refuge on the windowsill or the bookcase near the door. Even the basil keeps fainting. They are promising 100s for this week…*wipes brow*

My all green spider plant (rare according to my houseplant book) is growing up. Most all spider plant variations you see in stores are light green and have a white stripe running through. Mine is still all green and has baby shoots! I was certain that after it grew up I would begin to see the tell-tell white strips. The story of how I happened upon it is scandalous but is a technique I learned from my ma. If you see a plant you like just pinch off a piece and carry it home wrapped in a wet napkin in your lunch box. She and my grandmother seem to think that the pieces that you’ve nipped always grow up big and strong. I’ll say this has been the case for my spider plant but not for the jade or the Christmas cactus which are still puny. Ma has some pieces that are now reminiscent of small trees. Of course the first baby green spider has been promised. She can’t believe how green it is either.


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