Reads: The Lifted Veil- George Eliot

The Lifted Veil (Virago Modern Classics)

The Lifted Veil is a novella that follows Latimer, a man with a sensitive nature who discovers that he has clairvoyant powers. He meets the soon-to-be fiance of his brother. A brother who is by all accounts much manlier and favored by their father. Latimer becomes infatuated with Bertha even though he sees horrid visions about her he refuses to listen to his visions and what ensues is a twisted tale of despair.

Latimer is not glad that he can read minds and see what will happen before it has actually happened, he thinks that people are petty and he is not excited about being aware of so much. I’m thinking his clairvoyance is the lifted veil as he informs the reader of his recent “experiences”. What is interesting to me is that Latimer often mentions poets and he attributes his visions to being amongst this group of poetic and insightful people. Yet, when he sees visions that foreshadow Bertha’s doubtful character, his choices are not at all swayed. In a Frankenstein type scene Latimer finally sees the light, or see’s Bertha for who she really is and “we all felt that the dark veil had completely fallen”.

George Eliot is the pen name of Marian Evans.


3 responses to “Reads: The Lifted Veil- George Eliot

  • Book Psmith

    Welcome to the book blogosphere! I enjoyed reading your posts…especially the library one and your garden pests are too cute.

  • Laura McDonald

    My first thought on reading your description of Bertha is of the mad wife in the attic, also named Bertha, from Jane Eyre. I haven’t read The Lifted Veil, so I could be off on this.

  • LeaningSun

    Book Psmith, thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate it!
    Laura, I hadn’t thought of Bertha in Jane Erye but I think there are some similarities. There are hints of this Bertha’s madness in the Lifted Veil.

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