Reads: Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski


I have one last straggler from Persephone Reading Week to write about this week. Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski. This is one of those books that you continue to think about after you’ve finished. I closed the book at the end and just breathed. I put it down and went to do something else and found that I’d made my way back to it and just stood there looking at it. So I picked it back up and let the pages flutter through my fingers…maybe I was hoping a few more pages of the story would appear. I’d already read the Afterward so I read the jacket again and just breathed. It sounds dramatic I know, but this was a good book.

Little Bot Lost follows Hilary Wainwright, an English writer who has lost a good deal during WWII including of course his young son whom he has never met. A man appears to tell Hilary that his son may not be lost after all and that there is good chance that he has been located in Paris. Upon arrival, Paris is not as Hilary remembers it. Destroyed by war it’s charm is gone and he finds the people appallingly poor. What follows is a wonderful commentary on the aftermath and consequences of the war socially and economically for two European countries as well as a deep insight into Hilary’s troubled understanding of his life before and after the war.

One of my favorites:

    It was only then that Hilary fully realised that his son was lost. Since Lisa’s death he had ceaselessly dreamed that he would one day find happiness with a child who was not yet an imagined person but only a surviving symbol of his and Lisa’s love. But there had seemed no need to open his heart to this token child, safe in France and unattainable; his deep unassuageable anguish could be all for Lisa.

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    A real big thanks to Claire and Verity for hosting. I had a great time reading Persephone and reading about other’s Persephone adventures. Can’t wait to do it again next year (or sooner!).


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