Teaser Tuesdays

teaser tuespic

From your current read, share a few spoiler-free sentences to tempt others.

    Dear Beauty:
    Since you have not had a mother’s love, my child, I believe you deserve at least a mother’s explanation.
    I did not leave my own country with the intention of marrying anyone like your father. I met the duke quite by accident; he wooed me with great ardor; I fell under the spell of his passion.
    As it happens with my people, from the moment of the wooing, my memory of my past existence was dimmed. I was first enveloped by your father’s encompassing desires and later smothered by his overwhelming aunts. The former caused me to lose my memory and virginity, though temporarily; the latter have caused me almost to lose my mind. I hope this is also temporary.

-Beauty by Sherri Tepper


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