Teaser Tuesdays

teaser tuespic

From your current read, share a few spoiler-free sentences to tempt others.

    Oh, and of course, you will say, ‘When the time comes, you will be ready.’
    Ah, but before it comes, am I to presume it will be so?
    What I cannot feel now, am I to suppose that I shall feel?
    Am I not free to attend for the ripe and indubious instinct?
    Am I forbidden to wait for the clear and lawful perception?
    Is it the calling of man to surrender his knowledge and insight,
    For the mere venture of what may, perhaps, be the virtuous action?
    Must we, walking our earth, discerning a little and hoping
    Some plain visible task shall yet for our hands be assigned us,-
    Must we abandon the future for fear of omitting the present

-From Amours de Voyage by Arthur Hugh Clough a novel written in verse about two travelers in Italy in 1849 during political unrest.

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