Some late clippings and fall prep

The days are shorter and I’ve stopped fertilizing but I’ve had my jade and spider plants continue to take off. The jade and other succulents in my mini succulent garden are leaning and so aren’t getting enough sun. They might also be getting too tall and need support or cutting back. I’m thinking of placing them under a light.
I’ve also cut back the basil and upon closer look I found that the thyme that was next to the basil has died. The oregano is still holding on but gets more and more sparse. Next spring I won’t plant these three together. I do know that basil and tomatoes do well next to each other. And I decided to take clippings from the spider plant so that I could get roots and a start on a new plant. This one I will give to my mother as she’s been stalking my all-green spider. Any how, after sunning near a window the clippings put out roots and so were ready to be planted.


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