Philly Finds

The City of Brotherly Love was full of great food, great friends, great sites, and great books (of course). The presentation and poster session went well, I caught up with a great group of girls, got a year’s supply of pens and trinkets, had wonderful food, climbed the ‘Rocky’ steps to the art museum, and heard an excellent big band.

At the Book Corner I pulled a great haul, 5 VMCs. And who can’t feel good about buying from a place that supports local libraries and community programs.


  • The Land of Spices by Kate O’Brien
    The Living is Easy by Dorothy West
    One Fine Day by Mollie Panter-Downes
    A Sea-Grape Tree by Rosamond Lehmann
    Two Days in Aragon by Molly Keane

  • 3 responses to “Philly Finds

    • Verity

      Lucky you! One fine day is one of my favourite Viragos. I would love to read The living is easy having read The wedding recently. I loved the Land of Spices. The sea-grape tree was a little weird and I don’t know anything about the Molly Keane. Enjoy.

    • Claire

      Sounds like a great trip and hooray for Viragoes! I have three of those but have yet to read any…

    • LeaningSun

      Verity, I’ve heard that One Fine Day is a good read and since it’s one of your favorites, I think it’ll get bumped to the top of tbr

      Claire, I’m amazed that I found so many-and all from the same shop!

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