My Virago Secret Santa is…

Over in the Virago Modern Classics group on LT we are having a very lovely time playing Secret Santa to each other. It’s been fun to watch as folks mail off their packages and well wishes and even more exciting when people receive their gifts and, like me, squeal with joy. I received a package with familiar handwriting on the front and a small cutout of an apple (Virago’s logo) in the return address spot. Inside were two packages wrapped in Santa and Frosty paper with instructions on the front. My wonderful and lovely Secret Santa is Belva (nannybebette). She is such a dear and also included a very thoughtful card. I recognized her handwriting because earlier in the year Belva was kind of enough to send me a copy of The Birds Fall Down by Rebecca West which shamefully I have not made time to read. I was very excited to receive The Virago Book of Christmas which includes Christmas and holiday themed stories, poems, and snippets from novels written by women authors. This looks like a great book to cuddle up with during the holidays, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. And, lucky me, I also received a green copy of That Lady by Kate O’Brien. A Kate O’Brien is very fitting as I’ve just finished and enjoyed The Ante-Room.

    Thank you so much dearest Belva, and Merry Christmas!

My Virago Secret Santee is Astrid (tuppy_glossop) over at The Literary Stew. Thank you Christina and Laura for organizing the exchange!


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