Savannah in pictures

I’m back from Savannah and I had a wonderful time. Beautiful tree-lined streets, historic squares, and strolls along River street. The sightseeing and food were great and I picked up a few books of course.

I picked up A Child’s Christmas in Wales at E. Shaver bookseller.

Next I visited Books on Bay right off the river, a nice little shop with rare and antique books. They also sale Fiesta dinnerware in the front. The shop owner was very friendly. She collects books that have her name in the title.

The most exciting find here was a copy of The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett with an inscription from December 25, 1909. I received a copy of this in Persephone gray for Christmas. Very excited to read this one.

The next stop was The Booklady, a very cute shop in the historic district.

There I picked up Excellent Women and Jane and Prudence by Barbara Pym, Strangers by Antonia White in Virago green and Cry Wolf by Aileen La Tourette, a Virago fiction that looks like it will be a good sci fi read.

And of course I dropped into the local big box store and picked up The Thirteenth Tale and Her Fearful Symmetry. I’d planned to listen to this one on audio book but couldn’t stay awake past the first CD, I suppose I’d better stick to reading.

4 responses to “Savannah in pictures

  • Mrs.B

    Oh my gosh, The Shuttle is a fabulous, fabulous find! I’m green with envy. I’ve read the Persephone edition but the one you found is the unabridged original. The other books are great finds too. Savannah looks gorgeous and that bookstore looks so quaint.

  • Aarti

    That first picture is BEAUTIFUL! And all the books sound lovely. So glad that Savannah has so many bookstores 🙂

  • LeaningSun

    Mrs.B-I know! I was excited to find it too and it’s thanks to your research that I even knew The Shuttle was abridged. I compared the 2 editions and it seems the Persephone version excludes many chapters so I marked them in my gray edition so I could read them in the older edition.

    Aarti-Savannah is definitely a beautiful place, I’m hoping to go back in spring when everything is in bloom.

  • Thomas at My Porch

    I need to go to Savannah. What a great haul.

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