A Kid For Two Farthings by Wolf Mankowitz

A Kid For Two Farthings is a short little tale about a boy named Joe who lives in London’s East End. He is not in school yet but is learning all that he needs to know from his neighbor Mr. Kandinsky, a tailor. Mr Kandinsky shares many stories with Joe about life and history, one of which is about the elusive unicorn that brings good luck because of its magical horn.

All around Joe the adults are struggling with life amid poverty. They all have something that they desire. Joe and his mother would both like to see his father return from Africa, Mr. Kandinsky would like a steam press to be able to compete with other tailors, and Shmule is a wrestler who desperately wants to win a fight so that he can by a ring for his fiancée. After hearing Mr. Kandinsky’s story about the powers of unicorns to grant wishes Joe is convinced that he should locate one to grant everyone’s wish. One day in the market amongst talking birds, crystal ball readers, and other wares Joe comes across a unicorn. He is small, disfigured, and has a tiny lump of a horn on his head.


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