Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid

I read Annie John last year before I started blogging so my thoughts on the book are already getting fuzzy. I do remember liking Annie a lot, she’s ten years old, a little quirky, intelligent, and a bit mischievous. She describes her childhood adventures growing up in Antigua with her mother and father. As a young girl she had a wonderful and loving relationship with her mother. But this changes when her mother begins to see her as a young lady. Immediately their relationship becomes strained and almost hostile throughout the rest of the novel. Annie’s new title brings new treatment and new rules that she must follow. She immediately resents this and feels that her mother is withholding the love that used to be freely given. In retaliation she begins to lie and sneak to do things that she knows are not allowed in her mother’s home. Kincaid explores mother-daughter relationships beautifully showing that love can be both painful and sweet.

Annie John: A Novel

3 responses to “Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid

  • Mrs.B

    Sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of this novel or author. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    • LeaningSun

      Mrs.B-It is a wonderful little story about a girl growing up. I think most young girls have similar experiences especially with the relationship with their mothers. Annie is also funny in a quirky sort of way.

      Welcome Kiss a Cloud, thanks for commenting! This was my first time reading Kincaid and she came highly recommended. She is a wonderful writer and her story was amazing, I’m excited to read more of her work. It sounds like from your review The Autobiography of my Mother would be a good place to go next.

  • kiss a cloud

    I just read this a couple of weeks ago. Painful and sweet, indeed. I think this may be her strongest book, so far as I’ve read.

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