Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline

I haven’t read a thriller/suspense in a long while. After a co-worker recommended this one to me and then brought in her copy for me, I figured I’d give it a try. Mary DiNunzio is a Philadelphia lawyer. She brings in big clients for Rosato & Associates. Her most recent client is Trish Gambone, a rival from high school. She comes in because her mobster boyfriend is mistreating her and she is afraid for her life. She refuses to go to court for a restraining order or more proceedings for fear of the mob finding out. So she leaves the office and turns up missing the next day and Mary goes on a quest to find Trish even at the warnings of the police department. Not too long afterward a dead body turns up in an alley and more questions are thrown into the mix. Mary’s dealings in this case begin to threaten her job and and possibly her life as she goes around Philadelphia questioning possible witnesses and collecting clues. And of course to keep it spicy love is on the horizon.

Mary doesn’t do much lawyering, she even begins to neglect her other clients and cases to solve this mystery. As the book goes along, Mary has to confront some demons from her past and come to grips with feelings and issues that she had previously suppressed.

It appears that Scottoline has a series of books that feature the characters in this book. I’m not sure that I’ll check out any of the others. I didn’t really feel anything special for Mary. She seemed reckless and at times the events and her sleuthing seemed forced and unreal. It was a great escapist and quick read, however, that I could pick up at anytime.

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