A Teaser

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Eek! I haven’t posted in a while so I figured I could at least share what I’m currently reading.
Though I didn’t plan it, I’m reading a collection of Mollie Panter-Downes’ short stories about the World War Two experience in England and The Postmistress set during the same war in America. Here is a teaser from Sarah Blake’s The Postmistress. I picked it up yesterday and have to read it in a week as there are a load of requests for it. Hopefully that means it will be good!

There were years after it happened, after I’d returned from the town and come back here to the busy blank city, when some comment would be tossed off about the Second World War and how it had gone-some idiotic remark about clarity and purpose-and I’d resist the urge to stub out my cigarette and bring the dinner party to a satisfying halt. But these days so many wars are being carried on in full view of all of us, and there is so much talk of pattern and intent (as if a war can be conducted like music), well, last night I couldn’t help myself. “What would you think of a postmistress who chose not to deliver the mail?” I asked.

3 responses to “A Teaser

  • Verity

    I love Mollie Panter-Downes, I hope you’re enjoying her. The Postmistress sounds intriguing too!

  • Hannah Stoneham

    What a lovely teaser. I read and reviewed the war stories of Mollie Panter Downes a month or so ago andcould not believe that I had not got around to reading her before – she has such an interesting voice and she even converted me to the short story! Wonderful to discover your blog – thanks for sharing


  • LeaningSun

    Verity, I did enjoy Mollie Panter-Downes. I”m skipping off now to find more of her work.
    Hi Hannah, thanks for commenting. I felt the same way after reading this collection. And I agree her stories do wonders for my ideas about the short story.

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