Waiting for Allende

I first fell in love with Isabel Allende’s writing in high school. We were assigned The House of the Spirits and I devoured it. I still have my copy and lovingly brush my fingers across it when I pass its shelf. I have since read many of her other books and have never been dissapointed. So When I saw La Isla Bajo el Mar on the shelf I almost (on multiple occasions) snatched it up and headed to the counter. One problem is it’s in Spanish. Allende writes in Spanish and her works are translated. The conversation in my head would go something like…oh you can read this, it might take a long while and a dictionary but you’ll be able to get through. My spanish is good but good enough to read a novel I don’t know. I would read the first few pages (slowly) and it was wonderful. But I knew I wanted to read faster (in english) and after what seemed like a long wait The Island Beneath the Sea
is available in English (!!!) I’m on the list at the library but I’m
not confident I’ll be able to wait.

NPR is reading it this week


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