April 4, 1968: Martic Luther King Jr’s Death and How It Changed The World by Michael Eric Dyson

Every year on the third Monday in January America celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. There are parades and service events and many receive the day off from work. In his latest work, Dyson celebrates the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by taking a look at how his death has impacted society. After an exploration of King’s thoughts on his own mortality placed against the backdrop of struggle for racial equality Dyson explores what King’s death meant then and what it means for America now.

Dyson examines various aspects of society and asks 2 important questions: What have we done to move forward since King’s death and What do we still have to do? He also evaluates a trio of today’s prominent black leaders-Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama.

Though MLK is one of the most recognized and studied civil rights activists I learned a lot about his life, his internal struggles, and his message for a better America. True to Dyson form, the work is full of social commentary and lots of subjective conjectures, but that’s why we like Dyson. He’s a great orator and he makes me think.

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