A Persephone Teaser on Wednesday

Persephone Reading Week is well underway.
My copy of the Persephone Biannually also arrived yesterday. Just in time to spend a leisurely afternoon. I’m reading Tea With Mr. Rochester a collection of short stories written by Frances Towers. So far it is lovely. Here’s a passage from ‘Violet’

It seemed to Sophy afterwards that it wasn’t till Violet came to the house that the pattern of their lives emerged to her eyes. She was the focal point that related the different planes on which they lived to each other. She drew the design together, so that one became aware of values that had hitherto been submerged below the level of consciosness. With her smirks and the sudden gleam of light in her opaque eyes, her nods and becks, she illumined the hidden corners of their minds, she twitched aside curtains and revealed the fears and passions of their hearts, she smelt out their secrets, pounced on them and laid them out like dead mice, and she took a hand in their destinies.

Thanks to Claire and Verity for hosting!

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