Domesticity…Who Me?

I love to peruse bookshelves at used book shops, thrift stores, libraries, indie sellers, even big box stores. Most times I am looking for nothing in particular. Sometimes it’s the title that will catch me or the color of the spine. So when my eyes jumped across The Gentle Art of Domesticity, I almost skipped it – hot pink spine and flowery lettering…what does that mean anyway (?) But a few minutes later my eyes flitted past it again, so I gave up plucked it from the shelf and sat in a big comfy couch.

Jane Brocket writes about the things that make life enjoyable -knitting, reading, baking, quilting, gardening, parenting really just living. Her photos are gorgeous. This really isn’t a how-to book though there are a few recipes. Inspiration is what I think of as I flip through the pages – namely ‘oh! I want to try that’ or ‘I should really pick up my camera right now and get outside. And that’s what I did. And then I came back and flipped through the pages again, not really reading much or looking at every page because I wanted to save it.


2 responses to “Domesticity…Who Me?

  • Verity

    I am DESPERATE for my own copy of this book, but it’s out of print and rather pricey. I had it from the library and could hardly bear to take it back. Ity’s wonderful for flicking in and out of and I found it really inspirational.

  • LeaningSun

    Oh that’s terrible! I love love this book and agree that it was very inspirational. I saw it in a store and ordered it on Amazon US for $14. Look there!

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