Mmm…yarn and other crafty pleasures

Lately (most intensely during the intermittent silences on the blog) I’ve been working feverishly on knit and crochet projects. I’ve even delved into sewing after my mom delivered a vintage machine to my tiny apartment. I’ve also been flipping through cookbooks for meal inspiration and attempting to add in a bit of baking. There has always been something completely satisfying about creating. I should divulge that I come from a family of women who are needle crafters, sewists, good cooks and bakers, from homemakers to home economics teachers. Even the men sew and cook in my family and everyone is darned good at it. So it’s in my blood, I suppose I have always rebelled against it.

Now I end the fight and join the ranks. Mom and auntie are thrilled and never miss a minute these past months to offer advice on technique or to share from their immense stashes. Now I can look back fondly on my memories as a young girl trapped in the fabric shops, hearing the hum of a sewing machine, or the whir of a mixer.

This of course will influence my blog. Originally I set out to blog mostly about books and container gardening. I am still reading although at a slower pace (I have a few reading notes that I will catch up on) and I do still garden. I have my regular houseplants and now a few raised beds at my boyfriend’s house from which we are enjoying the tastiest veggies I think I’ve ever eaten (well…maybe not tastier than the bounty I remember from my grandmother’s house in the country).

Some of what I’ve been up to:

One response to “Mmm…yarn and other crafty pleasures

  • Verity

    Wonderful! I’ve really been getting into the domestic artsy scene over the last few months too… I LOVE that crochet tank – I’d love one myself.

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