A Blunt Instrument by Georgette Heyer

One of blogging’s many benefits is the fact that I am constantly introduced to new authors, new books, and new genres. Many I may not have discovered and sampled had it not been for the wonderful advice of readers local and global. There are some that call for immediate exploration, some that I could pass on, and then there are those that linger; I hear about it on one blog, maybe see a table at the library, or receive a recommendation as a favorite book from an online friend. Georgette Heyer’s books fit those scenarios for me. After much nudging from the book universe I picked up one of her mysteries. A Blunt Instrument tells the story of Superintendent Hannasyde’s search to find an elusive killer. Ernie Fletcher is found in his home bludgeoned to death. There are few clues to guide Hannasyde’s investigation and every suspect has an alibi or two and even more versions to add to the story. Fletcher’s socially absurd nephew, a married woman who has IOUs in Fletcher’s desk, and the former lover of Fletcher’s now deceased mistress. After a second murder things become more obscure.

This one didn’t bowl me over. I found that I enjoyed Heyer’s book more for the characters than the actual mystery. They are peculiar and entertaining characters. Heyer is most known for her Regency romances. From what I hear there are a lot of jewels in Heyer’s bibliography, it seems to be a matter of selecting the right one, and I just happen to have a few others on the shelf.


One response to “A Blunt Instrument by Georgette Heyer

  • Aarti

    I would agree with your last paragraph pretty completely. I definitely prefer Heyer’s romances to her mysteries, but that said, I think when you first read her romances, you then appreciate her mysteries more. The wit and sarcasm in her mysteries is pretty sharp- she is clearly very aware of class foibles, and it’s interesting to read (and to think perhaps her writing about the aristocracy made her more of a snob than she would have otherwise been?). I haven’t read A Blunt Instrument, but I have it!

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