I have two tubs of books that I brought up from my mother’s house. Though I’ve gone through them many times before, sifting through the tub always takes me back to a great place; that of my childhood and reading voraciously. What is most satisfying is that for most of the books just looking at the cover recalls only bits and pieces about the story but even more about what was happening in my life then. I can tell what grade I was in, I can remember my room exactly as it was and being sprawled on the carpet in front of the bookshelf that also doubled as a toy chest. Thinking about little me and myself today, many things are still the same. I still like to sprawl out amongst my books, I still devour them, and I must have many to choose from even if that means stacks of unread books.

Many of these I have not re-read as an adult and honestly it’s because I’m afraid of ruining a wonderful perception and partly because there are so many books I haven’t yet read. At times this seems silly and others I’m not so sure that a book I loved as a girl I would enjoy today. But that may not be the point and lately I’ve wanted to do just that, re-read the books that I loved and often read several times. I smile when I pick up the worn copies and see my name written inside, sometimes with stickers and stamps. Or in the case with Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew mysteries, my guesses and sketches (yes, literal drawings!) about what will happen. I am even glad to find that I was a fan of science-fiction then which up until a few years ago I wouldn’t touch because I was sure I didn’t enjoy the genre.

A few that I have selected to read are:

  • The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Anne of Green Gables Series by L.M. Montgomery (I think I only read the first 2)
  • Beatrix Potter
  • The Baby-Sitters Club Series by Ann M. Martin (Verity is also reading these!)
  • Jane Erye
  • The House of The Spirits by Isabel Allende

  • 5 responses to “Nostalgia

    • Verity

      Hurrah for nostalgia and especially the bsc. I’ve ammassed a huge collection of then and enjoying following things almost all the way through

    • Mae

      I loved the babysitter’s club! I practically grew up on those and Sweet Valleys. I still have them in the garage somewhere (hopefully still in good condition). I can’t bear to give them away but i don’t think I’d ever re-read them again either.

    • BuriedInPrint

      I’ve re-read the Montgomery books and the Ingalls books (not TBC, which weren’t on my stacks as a kid) and they stood up brilliantly, although I was aware of enjoying very different aspects of the stories as an adult. For instance, I was more interested in Anne and Gilbert and Anne and Diana as a girl reader, and I missed a lot of great stuff about Anne and Marilla’s relationship. Hope you enjoy your rereads!

    • The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin « Leaning Towards the Sun

      […] tubs of books I read as a girl. These books brought up such a sense of nostalgia that I decided to re-read some of them, including The Babysitter’s Club series. Shortly after reading the first three I […]

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