The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin

A few weeks ago I was searching through tubs of books I read as a girl. These books brought up such a sense of nostalgia that I decided to re-read some of them, including The Babysitter’s Club series. Shortly after reading the first three I was looking around on the web for more information about the series. The series is sadly out of print, however the first three books have been re-released and there is also a prequel. The Summer Before tells the story of each of the members of The Babysitter’s Club before Kristy thinks of the idea of the club. The girls have just finished 6th grade and have the entire summer ahead of them. Each has their own preoccupations and dilemmas to face. Kristy is worried about seeing her father after her parent’s divorce, Stacy is preparing to leave everything she knows in New York to move to Stoneybrook Connecticut, Mary Anne is desperately trying to convince her father to let her have some freedom, and Claudia has a crush on an older boy.
Martin’s style of writing was familiar and a good change of pace from what I’ve been reading lately. Though I knew a lot about each girl, in this novel I was really able to get to know each of them and how they approach the changes in their lives.


3 responses to “The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin

  • Claire (Paperback Reader)

    There’s nothing like the BSC for evoking some nostalgia. I have been tempting by this prequel and also the graphic novel editions of the first three books.

    Out of interest: is the VMC below The Summer Before I Capture the Castle? I have the same edition.

  • LeaningSun

    I’d say give the prequel a go. The girls’ lives and issues seemed to be well thought out, it actually seemed like they were more mature than I remember them being in the original series. And yes! That is I Capture The Castle underneath, I’ve just finished it too and enjoyed it.

  • Verity

    I have been rereading BSC books this summer (they are very summery nostalgia), I picked up a whole batch on ebay. And I also read this which I really rather enjoyed! have you read the Friends Forever spin off series which sort of winds up the books.

    ((Claire – you can borrow my copy of the prequel!))

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