Autumn Story

Today is the first day of autumn here though summer is still in full swing. We still make it into the 90s each day and the leaves have not begun to change but the nights are much cooler and the balcony is a lovely place now.

I stumbled across the world of Brambly Hedge a while ago perusing through a local secondhand shop. The small little books all placed together caught my eye, not only because the illustrations reminded me of the Beatrix Potter stories but also because nearby the exact same series lay printed in French. ‘Ohhh’ I breathed and instantly began a dance between myself and those tiny jewels. I’m not a child nor have I given birth to any…what was I even doing in the kids’ section. Nevermind, I decided I was to have those books.

The mice of Brambly Hedge are out working to collect berries and nuts to put away for winter-including Lord Woodmouse and his young daughter Primrose. When old Mrs. Eyebright senses a storm brewing all of the mice must work doubly hard to move the harvest to the Store Stump to keep it dry.

Meanwhile Primrose idly wanders, chasing her thoughts through the woods.

Soon she is lost and the storm arrives.


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