Does Your House Have Lions?

Sonia Sanchez’ poem tells the story of a family touched by AIDS. A brother, a son struggles with desertion by his father, struggles to make a life and turns to the city.

and a new geography greeted him.
the atlantic drifted from offshore
to lick his wounds to give him slim
transfusion as he turned changed wore
a new waistcoat of solicitor
antidote to his southern skin
ammunition for a young paladin

This is a story of relationships lost and renewed, of family of this world and beyond. We follow the family’s confrontation with loss and their attempt to heal.

how to erect respect in a country of men
where dollars pump their veins?
how to return from exile from swollen
tongues crisscrossing my frail domain?
how to learn to love me amid all the pain?
how to look into his eyes an be reborn
without blood and phlegm and thorn?

The poem is told in the voices of sister, brother, father, mother, and ancestor. We see that no one and nothing operates in isolation and that no matter what things can be righted again.

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