A Grey Delivery

This month A Woman’s Place 1910-1975 arrived from Persephone Books. This is book number 2 in a twelve month subscription. Written by Ruth Adams in 1975 Persephone’s website describes it as “the most readable overview of twentieth century women’s lives yet written, covering everything Persephone readers might want to know about the suffragettes, early ‘type-writers’, contraception or work in wartime; and it complements our other books by exploring factually what they, indirectly, explore in fiction.”

Last month I received Dorothy Whipple’s They Were Sisters.

5 responses to “A Grey Delivery

  • Mystica

    I have tried very hard to get a Whipple book. I originally thought since these are older publications they should be around (it normally works like this here in Sri Lanka). Its the latest I don’t get my hands on. But none and I mean none of the Persephone series has been visible on my horizon. Will just have to keep looking.

  • Verity

    Ooh, you are so lucky! I am so envious!!! I really enjoyed this one – really sets some of the books that we both enjoy into context.

  • Claire (Paperback Reader)

    I’m looking forward to hearing more as it is a Persephone I am not familiar with.

    I envy your subscription! I was commenting during the week that I would love to receive it as a gift/gift it to myself but it is not something I can justify when I already own so many unread Persephones.

    They Were Sisters is a brilliant book; typically raw Whipple.

  • verity

    How is your subscription going? I miss your posts x

    • LeaningSun

      Thank you for asking! I’ll have to get a post together about all the wonderl books I received, hope you are doing well and congrats on all your exciting news!

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