The view this week from the desk is of a beautiful and fragrant rose from the garden. Refreshing when my nose is buried in textbooks. My reading has slowed down a bit since the start of the school year but I’ve found that I’ve been more inspired lately to create. Knitting crocheting and baking give me quick bursts of relaxation-I do them in the between times when I don’t have hours to spend cuddled with a book.

It’s cooling off some and the garden is a nice place to be. The tomatoes are just about finished for the year but the jalapenos and bell pepper are still going. It’s amazing the amount of dishes I can prepare that include jalapeno. They give such a wonderful flavor even in pasta sauce. We’ve planted cabbage and collard greens which I’m very excited for. We had to pull up our onion as they never came up. The verdict is that I’m to blame for planting them too deep.

Here in photos are all the non-bookish things that are getting me through the semester.

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