Dispatches from the garden

It’s been awfully hot here, as I believe it’s been everywhere. The garden is hanging on with the help of pretty aggressive watering and fertilizing. We’ve had a couple of small bushels of string beans and a few cucumbers which made for tasty meals. The jalapenos are also doing well. This year we added hot banana pepper which has yielded a few fruit but is currently taking a beating from the sun. Tomatoes are also starting to come in, we have roma, some heirloom, and big boy hybrids. We just have to get to them before the birds. I’ve had to replant the herb garden as our vacation to the beach saw its demise. So, on the front step we now have again sweet and Thai basil, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. Other lovelies that we are waiting for are zucchini, squash, and new this year tomatillos. Yummm!

We’ve also had a run in with some yellow jackets who saw fit to make their home under one of the raised beds. After stings for each of us and a can of spray the garden is ours again…for now! There are also hungry little doe-eyed rabbits that like to congregate around the garden gate. I’m sure they are plotting a take-over.

Just outside the garden gate are an apple and peach tree. Only planted last year they are still very small. Only the peach tree produced a very small and fuzzy peach. We watched and watched that little peach, petting it and watering the tree only to come out one day and find the peach missing with no trace of its pit anywhere!


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