Today I went to see an allergist in an attempt to sort out stomach issues, food allergies, and environmental allergies. Of course I have all 3. After 2 rounds of very itchy skin tests and a blood draw I’m sent away with a packet of information, an epi-pen, and a standing appointment for allergy shots! Simply allergic to just about everything in the environment from cockroaches to trichophyton. The food allergies were another story: Some were slightly reactive-peach, watermelon, hazelnut. Others were suspect. That’s where the blood tests come in. (I am currently googling life size bubbles) Oh, I’m also IBS girl, but that’s another post entirely.

I’d been ignoring the food and allergy issues for a while and finally decided to have them officially checked after a couple of random events (read: swelling face, mad tummy, avoiding social gatherings with food at work). I suppose it’s good to know what your allergies are so that you can avoid them and maintain a comfortable life. The next step is learning how to live with them and live, work, and play among folks who don’t have them. Luckily I don’t have any sort of violent or deadly allergy but it’s sometimes a bit awkward to refuse food and then mumble something about a sensitive stomach and food allergies or to have to request the vegetarian option for work functions.

I’m learning šŸ™‚


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